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PhD. Przemysław Polański
ALK, Business Development Director
C.H. Beck
Czech Republic
Illia Antonov
Adviser, Attorney at Law
PRK Partners
Jakub Bińkowski
Board Member and Director of the Law and Legislation Department
Alexander Bolkvadze
Managing Partner
BLC Law Office
Jean-Baptiste Busaall
Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law
Université Paris Cité
Great Britain
Robin Barnett
Ex-British Diplomat
Consultant and Strategy and Business Intelligence Adviser. Verificators
Angelina Chachuna
Group Compliance Officer
Christos Christodoulou
Delphi Alliance and CSC Christodoulou Ltd
Joanna Dargiewicz-Rożek
Board Member
Polskie Stowarzyszenie ESG
Agnieszka Deeg-Tyburska
General Counsel Board Member, Head of Legal, Security and Patent Department
Iga Dolipska
Lawyer and headhunter, CEO and Co-founder
Supesu Recruitment
Marcin Dublaszewski
Board representative for Whistleblowing matters
Institute for Internal Auditors (IIA) Poland
United Kingdom
Marcin Durlak
Managing Partner and Joint Founder
IMD Solicitors LLP
Republic of Moldova
Oleg Efrim
“Efrim, Roşca şi Asociaţii” Law Firm
Grzegorz Garbarczyk
Tax Advisor
Olyana Gordiyenko
Chair Of The Board Of Directors
JSC Ukreximbank
Great Britain
Miłe Gorodetskyy
Indi Vision
Myroslav Hnydka
Head of Legal Department
Timur Khasanov-Batirov
Dutch Compliance Club
Agnieszka Kisielewska
Partner, Tax adviser, Head of the customs and excise team
Czech Republic
Jan Kohout
Managing Partner, Attorney at Law
PRK Partners
Tomasz Kokoszka
Head of Legal & Compliance, Eastern Europe
Rustam Kolesnyk
General Director
Publishing House "Legal Practice"
PhD, Prof. Valerii Kopiika
Institute of International Relations, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Dr. Anton Korynevych
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
Petro Kostiv
Managing Partner
Kostiv & Associates, P.C.
Stanislav Kovalenko
Chief Compliance & Data Protection Officer
Ukraine International Airlines
Hanna Kuczyńska
Professor at the Institute of Law Studies in the Polish Academy of Sciences
Olga Lukyanova
Head of legal & compliance
Henkel in Ukraine
Republic of Moldova
Maxim Macovei
“Efrim, Roşca şi Asociaţii” Law Firm
PhD Krzysztof Malesa
Board Member, National Security Officer
Kamila Kurkowska
Founder & President
Women in Law Foundation
Prof. Dr. Bartosz Makowicz
Director of the Viadrina Compliance Center European
University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) 
Oleksandr Maksymenko
Head of Division of Investment Protection and Introduction of Specialization of Prosecutors
Prosecutor General’s Office
Anna Misiak
Partner, Head of Personal Tax Practice and Advisory Services for Employers
Sergey Moliboh
Angles AG
Oleksandr Movchan
Institute for Internal Controls in CEE
Jacek Jadziński
Head of Legal and Compliance
Dr. Irina Paliashvili
Managing Partner, Ukrainian Legal Group – Kyiv and Washington, D.C.
Chair of the Legal Committee, U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) International Rule of Law Officer, IBA Rule of Law Forum
Sebastian Pająk
Head of Legal
Millennium Banku Hipotecznym SA
Andrii Pasichnyk
Head of the Department of Full Inspections
National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption
Olga Pavlova
Senior Legal Counsel, Lead Eurasia and US
Anton Polianychko
Advocate, Head of Research Council
Tax advisor’s Association
Andrii Romanchuk
Senior Partner
EUCON Legal Group
Svitlana Romanova
Chief Legal Officer
Yaroslav Romanchuk
Managing Partner
EUCON Legal Group
Marius Rosenberg
TIGGES Rechtsanwälte
David Sargsyan
Partner of Ameria CJSC
Head of Legal Department, Ameriabank CJSC
Nazik Satkeyeva
Managing Director
Legal Practice LLC in Central Asia
Klaudia Shevelyuk
Strategic sustainability senior consultant
Ramboll Management Consulting
Dariusz Sojka
General Counsel for CEE
American Express & PAYBACK
Magdalena Soboń-Stasiak
Compliance officer, Senior Legal Counsel
ArcelorMittal Poland S.A.
Tetiana Sventozelska
Partner, Head of IP Practice
EUCON Legal Group
Jan Styliński
Chairman of the Board
Polish Association of Construction Employers
Dmytro Taranchuk
Director of Legal Support
JSC «Farmak»
Olena Tarasenko
Lawyer Counsel
Jarosław Turłukowski
Faculty of Law and Administration
University of Warsaw (Poland) 
Olga Usenko
Legal Practice Publishing, Head of International and Domestic Research Programs
Dmytro Verbytskyi
Deputy Prosecutor General
Olena Vasylieva
Head of marketing of Legal Information Products
Margarita Vasylieva
Independent TAX Expert
Taras Vavrynchuk
Senior Lawyer
Registry of the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg)
Czech Republic
Tomas Vit
LitFin-Litigation Financiers
Larysa Vrublevska
EUCON Legal Group
Dr. Dominik Wagner
Tigges Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft
Marta Ziolkowska-Nasinska
General Counsel
Ferrero, Poland & Baltics Region
Holger Zscheyge
Board member
European Legal Tech Association
Magdalena Żak
Legal counsel, Legal Director Medical Devices Group – Poland and Baltics
Johnson & Johnson Poland Sp. z o.o.
Piotr Żyłka
Global Compliance & Governance Lead, Senior Director


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About the forum

Briefly about the Forum:

The First Legal Forum EU-Eastern Partnership is a modern communication platform created in 2022 as a new platform for constructive dialogue between law firm partners, heads of legal departments of companies and specialists in business development, marketing and promotion of legal services from Europe, the Eastern Partnership and Central Asia. and the Caucasus. The event takes place annually in Warsaw in late May.

Active preparations for the first Forum lasted for a year, but Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, which shocked the whole world, catalyzed and caused radical changes in the prospects of cooperation between the East and the EU in the context of international cooperation. Therefore, the first meeting was devoted to the prospects of reactivation of economic transformation in the new reality.

Results of the First Legal Forum EU-Eastern Partnership held in Warsaw on 26-27 May 2022:

  • 2 working days;
  • 11 sessions;
  • 19 countries;
  • 80 speakers;
  • 150 participants.

Within the framework of our next Forum, top speakers will focus on discussing the current state and prospects of cross-border trade through the prism of economic crises, sanctions, barriers, as well as on finding key methods of reactivating economic transformation and legal market development in the new world.

The following issues are planned to be discussed during the Forum:

  • How to effectively cooperate with businesses from the EU, countries of Eastern Partnership, Asia and the Caucasus within the current political and economic reality?
  • What are the global implications of imposing sanctions on Russia and Belarus on the international market?
  • How to compensate for business losses caused by Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine at the expense of abroad assets owned by Russia that are seized and confiscated?
  • How to prosecute war criminals under the new international law?
  • How to find new partners and suppliers?
  • What new mechanisms of legal regulation should be introduced in the current economic crisis?
  • What changes await the legal market?
  • What new challenges will law firm partners face in managing the legal business and human capital?

Who will participate?

The Forum will bring together partners from the largest law firms in Europe, Asia and the Caucasus, recognized lawyers working in the international market, heads of domestic legal departments, business development experts, PR and legal marketing specialists, as well as specialists in the area of finance and ratings.

Join us!



Our event is designed to help restore business relations in new and difficult geopolitical and economic conditions.

Why is it worth attending the event?

On May 25 and 26, Warsaw will be the heart of the legal market and international dialogue!

Active, constructive and lively discussions at sessions, networking and B2B meetings, as well as up-to-date practical information from top speakers that will help you find the right solutions in the new economic reality and establish business relations with foreign partners await you.


May 25-26, 2023


Marriott Warsaw Hotel

Al. Jerozolimskie, 65/79, Warsaw

Forum languages

  • English
  • Polish
  • Ukrainian


Video report


We, the organizers of the event, shall undertake all necessary measures to make the Forum participants feel safe.

If the epidemiological situation worsens or if there are restrictions on the organization of events in Warsaw, we will inform you about this and offer a loyalty system for the preservation and return of ticket, namely:

* All purchased tickets will be valid on the new date of the event.

* If the above option does not suit you, you can apply for a refund.



* Each participant shall receive an invitation sent by the Forum organizers.

* We shall provide those Forum participants who needs it with visa support.

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Do you have any questions for the organizers? Please leave your contact details and we will contact you:

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    +48 575 999 812
    Jana Dantyszka 18 02-054 Warszawa

    Z chęcią zapoznamy się ze wszelkimi informacjami zwrotnymi. Dlatego w przypadku jakichkolwiek pytań, żądań lub wątpliwości związanych z przetwarzaniem danych osobowych lub plików cookies, zachęcamy do kontaktu.

    15. Postanowienia końcowe W sprawach nie uregulowanych w Polityce Prywatności mają zastosowanie przepisy prawa dotyczące przetwarzania danych osobowych, w tym RODO.